• You Are Powerful

    Your Power is Essential.

You are Powerful!

You Are Power is a tagline of Essential Motivation to remind you to believe in yourself. No matter what we do or what we are going through we must believe in ourselves first.

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2021 Business Planner


You are Powerful Pen


A note from the creator

I started Essential Motivation with a thought and a belief that I could encourage and inspire people in all aspects of their life. This planner was created to make the step of starting a business a little easier while being able to keep up with your task and daily life appointments.

As a wife and mother and entrepreneur I know how important it is to stay focused. I also know that keeping track of task on paper decreases stress and anxiety when things feel overwhelming. So take a chance on yourself and get started. Buy your planner and get started on your dreams.


Now lets plan!

 Candace P. Fleming 
Essential Motivation

A Goal without a Plan is just a Dream!

This planner was created with you in mind! I want you to do all things possible and be inspired to chase that dream you’ve always desired.  It is my goal to help you start a business and build wealth for yourself, as well as for generations to come. Many people have a great business idea, but don’t know how to begin. 

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